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One of the best and most influential musicians involved with the E.F.D.S.S. was a wonderful violinist called Nan Fleming-Williams. The first time we saw her she was leading the Waggoners Dance Band for a B.B.C. radio recording in Yetminster. I was about 15 then and we were all in complete awe of these posh B.B.C. folk. Some years later we attended some of Nan's music workshops and I'll never forget her leading a band of a hundred or more musicians from all over the country (who had never played together before) at a festival in The Royal Albert Hall. Her great fiddle style and diminutive body swaying in time to the music kept this big, unruly amateur band together. We were very fortunate and pleased in the 70's when Nan invited us to be part of her band for an international festival in Bucharest, Rumania. We had a great time playing, drinking, and telling dirty jokes! She knew some good'uns. This is one of the tunes we played then.