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May 2007 - Newsletter 85

40 Years Anniversary
On the 1st of October, 1967 we left our 9 to 5 jobs and set out in beat up old cars to sing for our supper and see a bit of England. I do mean a bit because we didn't have plans beyond three months of this sort of nonsense. There was a slight feeling underneath that the bravado might just wear off quite quickly and we would go back to our employers' with caps in hand. However, after 40 years, I doubt this will happen and anyway the caps are worn out.

A celebration therefore seems to be the order of the day. There was much discussion initially about where we were to hold the event and what format it would take. We tried for the New Wembley Arena but they said we couldn't dance on the turf so that put paid to that. The Bahamas came next on the list but then we thought of our carbon footprint and our consciences were pricked. Why not then go back to our roots and hire Yetminster Village Hall for the weekend. We had charged around it playing British Bulldogs as members of the 1st Yetminster St. Andrew's Scout Troop and cavorted and ranted about the floor with the lovely ladies of the Yetminster and Ryme Intrinseca Junior Folk Dance Display Team. When it came to recording the 'Village Band' LP with Sherborne Town Band there was no better place for the Decca Outside Studio to set up. It's a lot smarter than it was in those days but the atmosphere is just the same.

There will be three events. A Dance/Ceilidh on the Friday Night, a 'Meet The Yetties' session on the Saturday afternoon and a concert Saturday evening. Tickets are £8 each for the Dance and the Concert or £15 if you come to both. The Saturday afternoon is free if you buy a ticket for one or both of the other events. Space is limited so when they are gone they are gone I'm afraid. Tickets are already on sale at the web site or you can order from the PO Box. Cheques to 'The Yetties' please.

Try Sherborne Tourist Information if you are looking for accommodation. 01935 815341.

Memory Lane
Our first tour for the British Council in 1982 was, to say the least, interesting. After Nepal our second port of call was Kuching in Sarawak. Normally when we arrived in these places the mass media was on hand to greet us and we had to face an immediate press conference. When we landed this time though, we were met by some very kindly British Council staff who insisted we had been working very hard in Nepal (which was true) and that we deserved a night off. They said what we needed was some local food and a bit of local colour. We did point out that our weak western stomachs might not be up to handling the Kuching cuisine but I suppose we didn't protest hard enough or long enough because soon we found ourselves sat down beside what was described to us as a storm drain in the middle of the city. Use your imaginations!!! We tucked in to the delicacy's set before us with a will. Fishes stomachs, thousand year old eggs and other ingredients that none of us recognised disappeared along with a fair amount of beer. It was a jolly evening and I have never been so ill before or since. We staggered down through Sarawak, hopping over the jungle in little planes, doing shows and moving on until we reached the little town on Miri where fortunately we found a Chinese doctor who gave us three different cures for the same meal.

Yetties at Halsway Manor
From Monday July the 9th to Friday 13th we are at Halsway again. This will be rather more laid back than the weekend in February. Let's face it we aren't up to cavorting about for five days without stop. There will be a 'Musical Heritage of Thomas Hardy' concert included and the usual dancing, singing, music workshops etc. and Bonny will be doing his 'History of Halsway' talk but you will have spare time to explore the countryside. Halsway is ideally situated for this, the Quantock Hills are out the back door, Minehead, Watchet, Dunster, Exmoor and The West Somerset Railway are all within easy reach. If you are interested give the Manor a ring on 01984 618274.

Old Yetties LPs
LPs in stock at the moment are: Keep A Runnin'; Our Friends The Yetties; Dorset Is Beautiful; The World of The Yetties; The Yetties of Yetminster; Let's Have a Party; The Village Band; Up Market; Dorset Style; In Concert; A Little Bit of Dorset; The Yetties and The Musical Heritage of Thomas Hardy (double album). If you would like any of these to add to your collection please ring 01935 814611. They cost 5 each plus 1 P. & P. Cheques to Halsway Manor.

Yetminster Fair
Once again I'm sure the sun will shine upon a glorious village occasion. If you get the chance to come along you really should give it a go. There are loads of bargains on a multitude of stalls. Gardeners can pick up some beautiful plants and the fresh veg. market next to us does a roaring trade. They arrive with wagon loads of stuff which still has the dew on it and go home with their vehicles empty.

Tickets for the evening concert can be purchased from Derek Mott, Stonechat, High Street, Yetminster, Sherborne, Dorset, DT9 6LF. Tel. 01935 872123. For other information, camping etc. ring Garth Hentley on 01935 873239. The phone No. for Tourist Information in Sherborne is 01935 815341. They can put you in touch with B & B etc.

Several people have been prodding and pushing us to get some more sweatshirts made for a couple of years or more. It's six years since the last batch so I suppose this is actually a very reasonable request. That the old ones are still wearable shows that we don't sell no bleedin' rubbish govner. They are on order and should arrive in the middle of May. To start with I have ordered two colours (dark green and navy blue) in three sizes (medium, large and extra large). The Yetties logo will be embroidered on the left breast in gold. I think they should look rather smart. They will be 16 each with 1.50 added for post and packing should you go that route.