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September 1999 - Newsletter 62

There are some jobs that don't sit well with me and one of those is writing the Christmas Newsletter at the end of August. It's a bit like writing the year off and this year it is even worse because 1999 seems to have gone like a rocket. We had a fairly quiet May and June but since then the feet haven't touched the ground and that's the way it's set to continue. Some things have worked out fine. Wild Mountain Thyme' came out on time (or was it thyme) and so did the first part of The Stour video but other projects have been delayed. The video of the recording back in March, for instance, has had to take a back seat but we will desperately try to get it out for Christmas. We have looked at the film and everything is fine but editing takes for ever and we don't have for ever at the moment.

Salisbury City Hall 2nd October/Woodfalls Band/New Recording
We did a concert in Frome with Woodfalls Band about 18 months ago and immediately hit it off with this bunch of great characters and superb musicians. To give you some idea how good they are there are over 1000 registered brass bands in the country and they are in the top 20 and have been for many years. We are working on a combined recording with them (to be called Folk 'N' Brass) and this is to be launched at the City Hall, Salisbury on October 2nd. The Box Office Tel No is 01722 327676. Get your tickets now for one of those special nights.

Sherbome Concerts & Millennium Knees Up at the Digby Hall
Our old mate Fred Wedlock managed to avoid the Sherbome concerts last year by working too hard and bringing on a heart attack but, I'm delighted to say, he is fully recovered and is back in full swinging order. We have therefore booked him for the 10th and 11th of December when I'm sure, we will be treated to the full Wedlock mix of humour, song and musicality. The millennium night has proved something of a nightmare to organise. It has been very difficult to pin things down and to sort out millennium hype from reality. We are doing our very best to make sure it doesn't turn out to be another 'eclipse'. Caterers are serving those in the millionaire bracket so we have hit on a very simple solution. If you wish to eat then bring it yourselves. You might have a little turkey left over. In the past we have tried pasties and various other items of nosh but not everyone wants these. Hence the DIY solution. We will supply you all with some champagne after midnight and a slice of 'Yetties Millennium Cake'. I hasten to add that we are not making this ourselves, that would be carrying DIY (Stands for Do It Yetties) too far. Mark and Chris Williams will be running their usual efficient bar and with mountains of Millellennium decos etc. We should be in for a good old night until about 1 a.m. providing the electric company's etc. etc. have sorted out their bugs and the world doesn't come to a grinding halt at midnight. All three events are at The Digby Hall (write to me for maps if you have a problem with the one-way bits of Sherbome) and start at 8p.m. Tickets are available from the PO Box, The Abbey Pharmacy, Cheap Street or The Sweeterie, Middle Street, Yeovil. You can also book them by ringing 01935 814611. Prices: Concerts 6.00/children and senior citizens 5. Millennium Knees-Up 15.00.

Halsway Manor Weekend, 25th/27th February
Yes, Yetties most shattering weekend of the year is on again and I know most of those who went this year have re-booked. They must be gluttons for punishment. If you are intestered you must book now for this all singing, dancing, larking about weekend in a glorious setting. Tel. 01984 618274.