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January 1999 - Newsletter 60

Tis a wonderment to me, 1999 is upon us; the era of the Euro. It s a pity they didn't ask us Dorset folk before they went and called their new currency after them things on yer head that you hear with. I have had two for many years now and let me tell you they are worth far more than 71p each. Sat at my desk I can hear a robin outside singing for all he s worth. I know they are argumentative little devils and he s only claiming his territory, but he certainly has a beautiful song. What is more he keeps going all night. I came home after the New Years knees- Up at 3 a.m. and there he was still giving it what ho!. Happy New Year Mr Robin and good luck to you.

This arrived a couple of weeks before Christmas and once again Matt Seattle at Dragonfly Music has done a splendid job combining the words, music, guitar chords and Julian Goodey s superb cartoons. I sold a goodly batch of them over the festive season and then hit a snag. My next door neighbour bought one and found that he had 2 page l s and no page 3 (no page 3, what would Sun readers say?) and of course the same sort of arrangement occurs at the back. Fortunately there only seems to be a few samples like this about so if you were unlucky enough to buy one please send it back to the P0 Box and I will refund the postage and send you a proper one. I shall then prevail upon the printer to refund us.

We shall be recording another CD/Cassette for Grasmere Music in The Digby Hall, Sherborne on Friday, 19th March. The project requires at least 250 volunteers to come along in the evening and sing their little hearts out. This is the way we went about 'The Singingalong' album a few years ago and the resultant mass choir was tremendous. Songs such as ‘Jack Was Every Inch A Sailor' and ‘Captain Swing' will be on the menu so a good gutsy performance and a pound of throat sweets would seem to be the order of the day. Tickets are free and if you would like to be involved drop us a line. Whisperers and mime artists need not apply. Perhaps I should employ the aforementioned robin if he will leave his tree for the evening.

For years we have been trying to book Fred for our Christmas concerts in Sherborne and this year we finally succeeded only for Somerset's oldest swinger to have a heart attack a couple of weeks before the shows. It was obviously necessary that he cancel and The Amazing Mr Smith stepped in at the last minute to rescue us. Fred is OK and well on the road to recovery. We wish him well and look forward to working with him at The Octagon Theatre in Yeovil on Sunday 25th April and at this years wing dings in Sherborne on the 10th and 11th of December.

There are 2 bedrooms available in bed and breakfast accommodation near Halsway for this singing, dancing, friendly weekend. The great advantage of going B & B is that you don't have to see The Yetties first thing in the morning, it's not a pretty sight. For those who can't come for the whole weekend we are doing a concert on the Saturday Night in the ball room. Tickets and information from Halsway Manor. Tel: 01984 618274