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May 1997 - Newsletter 55

Well, this seems to be safely in the bag after a bit of a battle with modern technology. Recording studios aint what they used to be. 'Bring back megaphones and things you blows with yer foot' as Thomas Hardy would say. Release date has been promised for the time of Yetminster Fair which is the 12th July. An excellent occasion for the launching we thought.

The whole recording is of English traditional music and songs. Many of the latter I'm sure you must have learnt as a child, or if not, they will ring some sort of familiar bell. The tracks are: John Peel; Turmit Hoeing; The Foggy, Foggy Dew; The Jolly Waggoner; The Lincolnshire Poacher; The Sailor Cut Down In His Prime; South Australia; Lilliburlero; Trelawney; No, Sir No; The Leaving of Liverpool; Brigg Fair; Spanish Ladies; The Fox; The Derby Ram; Home Dearest Home and five medleys of Morris Dance tunes.

It will be on the Grasmere Label and prices will be the same as the current cassettes & Cds.

No, We didn't go. The free flights were all arranged courtesy of British Airways but things tell apart at the other end. Never mind, look on the bright side, this meant that we could do a concert in Stevenage instead!!!!! If anyone would like some second hand sun blocker we have a goodly supply going cheap.

Yetminster Fair committee are once again planning a great day out for you all on the 12th of July. My advice to you all, if you are descending on Yetminster, is to book your accommodation and concert tickets early. For information on the Fair please ring Ron and June Page on 01935 872940. Another telephone number you might find useful is the Sherborne Tourist Information, 01935 815341. We shall be having our usual get-together at The Weavers Club, Westbury, Sherborne on Friday 11th for those that are down for the weekend and have nothing else to do. There will be a few morsels of nosebag and a very big thankyou from us to you for being so supportive through the year.

Yetminster Church is in need of renovation and huge amounts of money have to be raised in the next couple of years. We are doing our little bit to help by performing our 'Musical Heritage of Thomas Hardy' concert in the church on Friday, 26th of September. Ron Page is once again organiser in chief so if you would like tickets ring him. Alternatively I'm sure we will have them on sale at our stall during Yetminster Fair. I know that Ron is hoping to sell the first concert out quickly and then have a go at a second some time. That sounds good to me.

We start our 5th, or is it 6th, season of Tuesday nights at the Ocean Room, Weymouth Pavilion Complex on the 1st of July. This is proving to be a very popular family night out with a few dances, a childrens joke competition etc. If you are in the area on holiday then just pop in with your friends.

We shall be launching our recording in conjunction with the Dorset County Archives at a concert on the 4th of October in the Corn Exchange, Dorchester. This will be a very Dorset orientated occasion and the new cassette will be called 'In Praise '0 Dorset'. Appropriately, this date coincides with our 30th anniversary. Information available from Jenny Hawker after 20th May. Tel: 01305 812820.