The Yetties



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Country Carrier

Courting Round Dorset

D-Day Dodgers

Dead Dog Scrumpy

Derby Ram

Dorset Fore-Arm Smash

Dorset is Beautiful

Dorset Militia Song

Dorset, My Dorset

Drowsie Maggie

Drunken Sailor

Farewell Medley

Farewell She

Farmer's Lament

Farmers Boy

Fiddlers Green

Fill up the Cider Cup

Five Foot Flirt

Fling It 'Ere, Fling It There

Floral Dance

Foggy, Foggy Dew



Gather Round the Family

General Wolfe

Girls Of Dorsetshire

Golden Vanity

Good English Ale

Grandfather's Clock

Granny's Old Armchair

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