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Tarrant Rushton - The Secret Airfield

Tarrant Rushton - The Secret Airfield


Once home to 3,000 people, TARRANT RUSHTON airfield in Dorset played a vital role during the second world war; Halifax bombers flying secret missions deep into Occupied Europe.

Home to the Royal Air Force and the Glider Pilot Regiment — with its massive Hamilcar and Horsa gliders — Tarrant Rushton landed the first troops in Normandy on D-Day, and played an important part in the Arnhem and Rhine Crossing operations.

Arduous flights of up to 12 hours saw Tarrant Rushton’s air crews drop secret agents into Europe, supplies and arms to the Resistance, as well as SAS troops behind German lines.

In 1947, Tarrant Rushton became home to Flight Refuelling — heavily involved in the Berlin Airlift, perfecting in-flight refuelling, refurbishing jets, building pilotless target drones and carrying out a wide range of internationally important aviation research programmes until the airfield’s closure. Now the base is just one large ploughed field.

You would never believe it had such a dramatic, important and poignant history — but now you can, thanks to this programme!

The men from across the Commonwealth who flew and fought from Tarrant Rushton tell their stories. Hear about the airmen who died in the service of their country — and those lucky enough to survive. Dramatic, moving and thought-provoking. Don’t miss it.

Featured are:

* Memories of those at Tarrant Rushton in the RAF and FR days

* Rare photographs 1943— 1980

* Breath-taking ground/air photography

* Archive aerial footage of Tarrant Rushton in its heyday

* Veterans attending the airfield’s 1994 remembrance service

Running Time 60 Minutes approx.

£16.95 - DVD