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Out In The Green Fields

Out In The Green Fields


The Yetties careers as entertainers started around the Scout camp fire in the village of Yetminster in Dorset more years ago than they like to remember. They then became involved with folk dancing and, with the young maids of the village, formed 'The Yetminster & Ryme Intrinseca Junior Folk Dance Display Team' which someone mercifully shortened to 'The Yetties'. The musicianship and singing came later and bookings for the four remaining stalwarts began to flow in. Eventually, in 1967, they became so busy that it was decided to dispense with 'Proper Jobs' and travel the country for a while as roving musicians and singers. It was decided to take a weekly wage of 8.00 each and that's the way it stayed for 3 years until recording contracts, TV appearances, Radio Shows and concerts boosted the pocket money and 'kipping' on floors became a thing of the past.

Since then The Yetties have appeared at practically every prestigious venue in the country and have made hundreds of television and radio shows. They have travelled the world from Sarawak to Sri Lanka, Nepal to Newfoundland, Khartoum to Karachi, Khatmandu to Croydon. The 'Rising Nepal' newspaper said of them, 'Me thinks, me lads, The Yetties are terribly delightful'. We hope that you find them terribly delightful as well.

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