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Looking for the Sunshine

Looking for the Sunshine


The Yetties are one of England's most popular folk groups. They take their name from the Dorset village of Yetminster which was their child-hood home. Their obvious love of the West Country, its songs, stories and humour wins them friends wherever they go. Since turning professional in 1967 their music and their enthusiasm has taken them far beyond the villages of Dorset. They have travelled extensively in Europe and, under the auspices of the British Council, have performed successfully in many countries including Thailand, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Pakistan, Sudan, India, Bangladesh, The Maldives, The Philippines, Ethiopia and Canada. It is easy to chart The Yetties material success, radio and television series, records, concerts and festivals but they are more than just a folk group. Their success stems from their genuine feeling for life in the country- side - Saturday night socials in the village hall, the skittles team in the pub, the flower show, the fete, the harvest supper and the village band. They still live in the little town of Sherborne, not far from Yetminster, and they draw on their personal experiences of country life past and present for their concert programme, including traditional folk, musical hall and community songs, story telling, dance and unusual instruments. This recording is a fair cross section of their material and hopefully, if you are in the market for a bit of sunshine, this will provide it.

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