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Rolling Home to England

Rolling Home to England


Most of the tracks on this album are requests from one source or another. We have recorded 'Bread & Fishes' and The 'D-Day Dodgers' a couple of times before but they haven't been available on CD for some while. We had been asked various times for them and so had Grasmere Music. 'Greenland Whale Fishery' and 'Ranter's Wharf' we put on an LP called All At Sea for the ARGO label back in 1973 and just recently I have had several e-mails from the USA asking for copies of the recording. Apparently the LP was stocked in libraries across the States at that time and people still remembered it. Well, I must say, it was one of my favourites as well.

For months one of the regulars at our Music Club kept asking for 'The Lightning Song' and we didn't have the foggiest what he was on about. Then it dawned that he was referring to the chorus of 'The Scarlet & The Blue' which goes 'Bayonets flash like lightning to the beating of a military drum'. Bob Barratt of Grasmere particularly likes 'The Keeper' and 'Scarborough Fair' is there because I requested it.

There are also songs that we haven't done before such as 'General Wolfe' (what a cracking tune) and 'Rolling Home To England' which has such a good chorus that audiences immediately join in at full belt.

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