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Folk Music of England

Folk Music of England


This album contains a fair representation of the most popular folk music of England. Songs and music passed down the generations by our forefathers and cherised by them. They were a very important part of life and when people emigrated they took their melodies with them, adapting the lyrics and dances to suit their new homeland. The songs deal with the essentials of life; they are hatched, matched and dispatched element of music, so many of them are just relevant today as they were 200 years ago. Man's hopes, desires and aspirations develop slowly and mature like a good song.

Morris Dancing was always performed in the spring to encourage the crops to grow and the flocks to multiply. Each village tradition had it's own slightly different steps, movements and tunes and on the 1st of May you can still see some of these dances in their home villages at Bampton in the Bush, and Headington in Oxfordshire. The tunes have a tremendous earthiness and should be played with a good amount of lift to help the dancers in their leaping and of course, it wasn't only the stock that had to multiply and the day of dance would give the young bucks of the village plenty of opportunity to show off their talents.

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