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Musical Allsorts

Musical Allsorts


It must have been about 1958 when the Yetminster W.I. started a country dance class in the church hall for the village kids. At first it was only the girls who went but eventually some of us boys got involved as well. This was to introduce us to a whole new world of folk dance, morris, music and song, particularly through the English Folk Dance and Song Society, which was then a very strong organisation.

We formed the Yetminster and Ryme Intrinseca Junior Folk Dance Display Team, and one weekend when we were dancing at a festival in Hitchin the M.C. shortened our name to the Yetties. This has stayed with us ever since. As the dancing went on we decided we would like to make our own music so I learned to play a few melodies on the right hand of a beat up little accordion and Mac (who now plays guitar) bought an old 120 bass accordion for a tenner and played the left hand - so between us we had an accordion!

We later started going to Yeovil Folk Dance Club and fortunately met Bryon Bonnett, a church organist who was starting to play folk tunes on the accordion. He could read music and taught us many of the tunes we still play today. With Bryon as leader we formed the Ranters Dance Band and for several years we were the Ranters when playing for dances, and the Yetties when we were singing.

Well, that was all a long time ago but without the help and encouragement of many people throughout the years we wouldn't be still playing now. We've always intended to make a music album but somehow never got round to it until now - so yer 'tis - I hope you enjoy it !

Pete Shutler

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