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All Over Dorset

All Over Dorset


The Yetties - Dorset's very own stars of TV and Radio take you on a delightful tour of the county, including a trip in the old Paddle Steamer Waverley. So fill a flask, pack your sandwiches and enjoy this unique tour of Dorset.

All over Dorset. Well, I suppose that's boasting really. It would take a month of Sunday's to get around it all but we did cover a fair bit of ground and, in fact, discovered corners of our county we hadn't explored before. Dorset is so diverse in it's landscapes and attractions that it was very difficult to choose where to film but eventually we set off in our usual haphazzard fashion, with Phil and Jenny of Classic Video, and descended on our first location. We did rely tremendously on the co-operation of the unsuspecting and slightly bemused public. Austrialian tourists, farmers, landlords and museum curators joined in with the gusto.

Many thanks to one and all.

Bonny Sartin

18.45 - DVD