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September 1998 - Newsletter 59

Stap me vitals tis time for the Christmas Newsletter. If the years start to go any quicker I just won't bother to take my stocking down, it can stay at the bottom of the bed all year round. I suppose the only this to say in it's favour is that, so far, 1998 has been busy and very enjoyable. The good thing about the job is that we get a great variety of work and meet such a super bunch of people. Recently we did the Dartmoor Folk Festival. The weather was absolutely brillant, we met many freinds from years gone by and were looked after like royalty. You would think we were poor starved waifs the way the wives of the organizers tried to fill us up with food. 'Have another cup of tea me dear, try a bit of mother's cake, would ee like a bit more trifle? You can't go on stage without fillin' up a bit.' Thank you very much ladies, I put on 2 stone and haven't eaten since. Well, I admit the last statement is a lie.

OK I know this year it was re-named Westminster Fair but you be bound to catch the odd drop of rain if you run things on a regular basis on an English summers day. Some of the traders must have been disappointed but I'm sure the pub had a very Westminster day and the scouts in the village were run off their feet with cream teas. The Beavers and Brownies had been very well trained to do the waiting bit, the only trouble was you had to hang onto your cup and saucer or they would disappear to the kitchen long before you had finished. I sat there inventing a new game called 'Splat the Beaver'. If you managed to splat the little hand before it reached your saucer then you got ten points etc., etc. The concert in the evening was great stuff. The marquee was packed, everyone felt cosy and warm after the damp and dismal afternoon and the chorus singing took off from the first song. There was quite an emotional moment at the end of the night when Ron Page announced his retirement from the front line of the orangisation, but I', sure he will be there hovering with words of advice and some practival help when necessary.

I have had a lot of pushing and shoving from friends to put together another song book. Your wish is my command and in a quiet period in the spring thats exactly what I did. I have just this moment had words with Matt Seattle of Dragonfly Music and he is desperately trying to get The Yetties Music Book Mk. 2 out by the middle of November. It will be very similar in format to the current one with cartoons again by out good friend Julian Goodey.

Normally about this time of the year one of use remembers that we haven't booked anyone for the Christmas Converts and touch of panic sets in. This hit and miss systems has worked out well in the past and we've had some very interesting guests but 1998 will go down in history as the year of efficiency. We have enlisted the aid of no less a personage than Mr Fred Wedlock, the oldest swinger in town. This dosen't mean that the concerts will be any more organised, in fact with Fred, the opposite will probably be true, but we can guarantee a good night will be had by all. Thr Christmas Concerts are on the 11th and 12th of December and the New Year do is on the 31st natuarlly. All three events are at The Digby Hall and start at 8pm. Tickets are available via the PO Box, from The Abbey Pharmcay, Cheap Steet, Sherborne or from The Sweeterie, Middle Street Yeovil. You can also book by ringing 01935 814611. Prices: Concerts 6.00/Children and OAPs 5.00. New Years Knees Up 8.00

26th-27th February 1999. If you are interested book NOW. Accommodation is limited and last time I spoke to Halsway most rooms had gone. The Manor is right of the edge of the lovely Quantock Hills, the food is superb and the atmosphere great. It's a singing, dancing and larking about weekend. Ring 01984 618274 to book.

I have been asked by Dorset Libraries to put together a song and poetry evening of my own and perfom it in Dorchester Library (8th October) and Gillingham Library (14th October). Both shows start at 7pm and tickets (available from you local North Dorset Library) will cost 3. For this you not only get traditional songs, poems from Williams Barnes and Thomas Hardy and my bits of nonsense but will also have a glass of wine thrown in. Well perhaps not thrown in, not in a library, but you known what I mean.